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Buying the Esthauge LIMID software system is 100% risk-free, since you have already tested it for 30 days before you decided to purchase it. The price of a single-user license is only 100 .

When you buy a full license you will receive a user name and a license key to be used for upgrading your trial version (refer to the guidelines for installing). The 30-day limit is then removed, and you may use the software permanently.

Please read the End User License Agreement carefully. By downloading the Esthauge LIMID software system you agree to the terms of this license agreement. You may also consult the ordering information pages before you buy.

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What is included with the full license?

When you have purchased a full license, you are welcome to ask for the most recently compiled versions of the JAR files and the JavaDoc. Just send an e-mail with your order number and your request to